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When n00bcon had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, wise mages devised a way to hold a distributed cyberspace tournament using Internet-based video calls. Rather than meeting up in person, wizards at n00bcoM calls in to the tournament from their homes using protocols like UDP. Moving the territory to cyberspace makes this gathering immune to the constraints of the physical world, and as such no invite qualifier is needed. If you have a deck, a modem, and a phone line, you are welcome to sign up. If you still have any questions after consulting the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), feel free to contact the webmaster via e-mail at

Practical info


What: n00bcoM, a pandemic friendly alternative to the traditional n00bcon gathering.

When: Good Friday the 10th of April, starting at 14:00 CEST. Seven gruelling rounds of swiss followed by a top8. Rounds in the swiss are 50 minutes (swiss matches not reported within an hour will be considered drawn). The top8 is un-timed, but expected to be played at a reasonable pace.


You can check out some more info at the n00bcoM web application

Participation: Contact cyberwizard FloVo using e.g. e-mail to sign up. You will need to upload your tournament deck list details using FTP technology (or similar) before the tournament starts to have it verified by the scorekeepers. Deck lists can be uploaded securely by clicking this URL. If you have any questions about signing up, feel free to post an e-mail to the the webmaster.

There is no mandatory entry fee for n00bcoM. If a volontary entry fee is still recieved, the organizers will donate it to charitable causes related to the pandemic.

If you just want to watch, feature matches from the tournament will be streamed live at Wak-Wak Mtg.

Prizes: The winner gets a Deep Water (The Dark). If that person later gets that particular card signed by all the people who participated at n00bcoM, they will also recieve a Giant Shark (The Dark). Other rewards will also be given out at the organizers discretion.

Did you find a small pebble?



Legal sets:

Due to the strange circumstances surronding this gathering, this tournament will also allow official reprints of any card in the aforementioned sets, given that the reprint looks identical to the original with the following exceptions:

NB! Note that reprints are considered to be originals in the eyes of City in a Bottle and Golgothian Cylex. NB!

Limited (Restricted) cards:

  • Ancestral Recall
  • Balance
  • Black Lotus
  • Braingeyser
  • Channel
  • Chaos Orb
  • Demonic Tutor
  • Library of Alexandria
  • Mana Drain
  • Mind Twist
  • Mishra's Workshop
  • Mox Emerald
  • Mox Jet
  • Mox Pearl
  • Mox Ruby
  • Mox Sapphire
  • Regrowth
  • Shahrazad
  • Sol Ring
  • Strip Mine
  • Time Walk
  • Timetwister
  • Wheel of Fortune

The main tournament will NOT be played for Ante; hence any cards that use the Ante mechanic are banned from being played.


Chaos Orb

Chaos Orb (2)
1, Tap: Choose a nontoken permanent on the battlefield. If Chaos Orb is on the battlefield, flip Chaos Orb onto the battlefield from a height of at least one foot. If Chaos Orb turns over completely at least once during the flip, and touches the chosen permanent, destroy that permanent. Then destroy Chaos Orb.

Falling Star (2R)
Choose any number of non-overlapping creatures on the battlefield. Flip Falling Star from a height of at least one foot. If Falling Star turns over completely at least once during the flip, it deals 3 damage to each chosen creature it touches. Any creatures damaged by Falling Star that are not destroyed become tapped.

Frequently Asked Questions

River Boa

How does one play over the Internet?

The same way you would in person. Make sure that your video and sound devices are able to transfer data via the recommended Internet-protocols before the tournament starts. Before each match, talk a bit with your opponent and ask them how they want you to cut your deck. Try to set up your video camera in a way that it shows your entire territory (plus library, hand, and graveyard) without too much glare. If you want to learn more about Internet, click this link for web surfing basics, or the links at the top of this page for some relevant RFCs (Request For Comment).

Rule enforcement?

The rule enforcement level is "Don't be a douche". It is very close to REL-Competative. Notable exceptions from REL-Professional:

Reprints and alters?

Artist alterations of cards in legal sets are ok as long as you can read the full name of the card and its mana cost. Just make sure that your opponent knows what cards you are playing. Reprints are legal for this particular tournament (in accordance to the information under Rules).

The decks cannot contain "proxie cards" of any sort. This includes checklist cards (e.g. Collector's Edition), and home-made proxies (e.g. "Re-Backs").

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